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Jul 23, 2008
Jun 27, 2008
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Jul 23, 2008
    1. DefecTalisman
      Sorry I am only replying now. These visitor messages are new and there is no notification of them.
      We recently renstated the inactivity script. This suspended alot of accounts it shouldn't have. If the problem persists, please open a thread in the free hosting forum or the suspended accounts forum. This way we see the problem easier. I only ever check my profile every now and then.
      I would not say the down time is typical of x10, but yes with free hosting you can assume there will be more down time due to the sheer amount of accounts that free hosting servers hold. We are currently cleaning them up to make them more reliable and faster for all the members.
      Please be patient as you will be happy with the speed and uptime when we are done.
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