[500-1200 Credits a Month] Write, Edit or Tag for Game Cynergy

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    Hello everyone! I am looking for some staff for my website, gamecynergy.com. I am willing to pay all of those who would like to work for the Website, in credits that is. Look below for a list of positions and how much you will earn (per month).

    Taggr - 500 Credits
    Staff will simply add tags to each post, not a hard job but is a needed part of the website. You will be tagging at least 1 post a day.

    Editor - 850 Credits
    Staff will edit the mistakes within each post. Not an easy job, but we need a few of these.

    Writer - 1200 Credits
    Staff will create posts related to Technology, TV or Movies. And copying posts off other sites is not allowed. Each article must be original.

    Please Reply, Email (gamecynergy@gmail.com) or PM if you wish to become part of our staff.
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    I'm considering Editor, does it include correcting txt speak in comments?

    Actually, ARE there comments?


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