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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by Skizzerz, Aug 7, 2012.

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    If your account has been suspended you'll need to access our account control panel, available here:

    Sign into the portal to view your suspension reason. Some suspensions may be removed automatically, such as those due to account inactivity. For all other suspensions you will need to submit a suspension appeal via the control panel.

    Follow all instructions as written on the form. A support representative will attend to your request as soon as possible. It may take a couple of hours to receive a reply.

    In some cases we may request additional information from you or provide instructions which you must agree to before a suspension is removed, so check back occasionally for our reply.

    Do not post a thread on the community forums to appeal a suspension.

    All decisions made by support representatives on suspension appeals are final and cannot be reversed. Supply as much information as possible during your appeal to ensure a desired outcome.
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    To the top of the list this thread goes!
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