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    As you may or may not have noticed, it looks like domains hosted by .co.cc have gone the way of the dodo (i.e. extinct). There is nothing x10Hosting can do about it - no .co.cc domains are resolving right now (including mine! :mad:).

    For those seeking alternaties: http://www.dot.tk/ works, and allows custom nameserver configuration too.

    Just as a reminder, follow the instructions on the x10Hosting Wiki here (http://x10hosting.com/wiki/How_to_Use_Your_Own_Domain) to add a new domain - you may have to make some changes to any software packages such as Joomla or WordPress to reflect the new URL but this is (usually) just one line in a config file. Also, don't forget to remove any .co.cc domains from your account to free up any domain slots in use (but remember to choose the option to NOT delete the files associated with the domain...).

    I've moved my .co.cc domain to .tk but that is by no means an official endorsement.
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