Dear x10 admin there is a misunderstanding

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by r.jaffri86, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Dear respective x10 admin:-
    As x10 is the best free hosting and it is used everywhere same like that I was also usng x10 hosting because I have heard that x10 is best and thre is no chance of crackng well and I realy found that its cpanel is damn fast :frown: and was workng efficntly but today at afternoon I was loged in mine account sudenly it got suspended I dont no why it happend please recovr my suspended hostng because there are so many useful stuffs of mine if u cant give that so plz give me all the things in rar or zip format as it is raly useful please restore my account i beg u its a reqst plz plz :((* or give me all those things which I have uplaoded well please mail me at i will wait for your reply plz help me plz do a fair decision as its all about mine personal and usefull stuffs the x10 info is here
    Email Addres =
    plz reutrn my account plz
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