Do you believe in God?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Criptex, Jan 15, 2009.

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    OK. (let's say)There is no God.

    • But why is the need to prove or disprove God's existence so deeply rooted within us?
    • Why are our minds and souls so complicated?
    • Why have all traditions talked about something greater?
    • Why did Einstein(who we consider the symbol of geniuses) talked so much about God?

    I am really interested in what answers an atheist would provide to such questions
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    sounds good to me
    • most atheists i know feel no need to disprove god. i would suspect theists feel the need, if they do, to prove god in order to validate their own beliefs.
      our minds are complicated as a by-product of evolution. as for souls, what souls? i have seen no evidence of any soul.
      because we didn't understand most things in the world around us, and at the times these traditions were created it was the best attempt for explanations people had. it should also be noted that your argument here is an appeal to ignorance and argumentum ad populum fallacies
      and if you look at how einstien used the term god, he wasn't speaking of a personal god in any sense. he used the word god in a poetic sense to refer to the wonder of the universe itself. please note here that the argument you're presenting is an appeal to authority fallacy.

    and now you know.

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