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    I have been using Drupal CMS for a while. It is great, with lots of modules that be used to make one's site almost be used for anything.
    The support community is very active & mostly one gets help fast enough.
    I am developing a regional community site, with lots of stuff on it, where people can share lots of things. Some of the modules used are video, audio, recipe, and different types of content, including proverbs, stories can be shared.
    I generally find it much easier to deal with than Joomla - which I am trying outagain currently, after finding customizing it too cumbersome in the past & given up on it.

    Of course there's no perfect CMS, including Drupal & so one gets problems. Currently, I am having some memory related problems, affecting adding new blocks. No idea what triggered it, as it has otherwise been doing well for months.

    Anyway, are there any folks using it Drupal and for what purpose? What are your experiences with it?

    In case problems come up, may be one can help the other ...

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