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    Is it possible for a hacker to break into my website and ruin it with the permissions set to deny anonymous users? It happened to me when the entire plugins folder in http://deltaburnt.x10hosting.com/ was deleted. I made sure there were no traitors.
    More info:
    What: e107 plugins folder deleted
    When: April 28, 2008; Unknown Time
    Who: Unknown
    Where: /public_html/e107/e107_plugins/
    Why: They probably hate us, and want to destroy us.
    How: Hacked us with probably a brute force attack on x10Hosting. Maybe that's why our website overloaded.

    Well, I've recently changed my password to something very obscure. It could be DeltaBurnt's FTP account that was attacked, but I'm not sure.
    We've recently banned someone for ruining our website by becoming a Main Admin. Maybe he wants revenge. Our last tracked IP Address from him is:
    DeltaBurnt is infuriated! We still don't know who it is, but we are highly suspecting it is Gregory W (the banned person).

    WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!
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    Check the IP logs, and deny any IP you know using the .htaccess
    To leave it clear: It's your account that could have get hacked, not x10hosting servers.

    You should post on your CMS forum asking for help about this. Make sure you have the latest version, and that the mods/plugins you're using are proved to be secure.
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