IMPORTANT FORUM RULES! Read before posting

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by xav0989, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Most of these come from tnl2k6's original rules for this forum. I am reposting them to make sure that everybody sees them and so that you don't believe that the forums are not moderated anymore.

    If you don't comply with the rules, we will be forced to close the section.

    1) No spamming whatsoever...
    Double posting and spamming isn’t allowed and will earn you infractions and maybe even bans.

    2) You must post non-referral links...
    If you want to post a referral link, you must make it clear that it's a referral, and you must put a non-referral link along side. Links will simply be removed and infractions (or bans) will be given if you don't comply.

    3) No warez, pornography or anything illegal or unsuitable for that matter...
    x10Hosting could be held liable if one of our members chooses to aid in the transportation of illegal material, so you may not link to illegal websites or content. Members who break this rule will be permanently banned rather quickly, so I wouldn’t try it.

    4) No scamming, report scams to staff as soon as possible...
    This forum is for making money, not causing trouble. Don’t post scamming sites in this forum, we’ll delete your post and more than likely ban you from x10Hosting permanently; especially if you use multiple hosting accounts to post things like 'they paid me' or 'it's great, you should join'. If you see a site you believe is a scam, please report it to us as soon as possible. Use the report function linked to each post, and a moderator will be warn and take the appropriate action.

    5) No discussion of Auto-clickers...
    There shall be no discussion of auto-clickers. Auto-clickers are cheating and will get you banned at PTC sites. Anyone who violates this rule will have their thread/post deleted and will receive an infraction.

    Apart from that, all regular forum rule applies, and, like usual, staff decisions are final.
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    I am replying to this to reiterate the importance of the rules in this section.

    I have seen so many rule 2 violations in the last week, it's ridiculous. So, from here forward, fail to post a non-referral link, and I'm enforcing exactly what it says in rule 2: links will be removed, and infractions will be given.

    And to the few of you who actually -did- post non-referral links with your referrals, thank you.
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