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    I have just got new hosting after about 5 yrs when my old laptop broke down and I cannot remember how to install the software i use. I use phpbb, mediawiki and sms 2. I can update the sms to nova but still the problem remains how do i install it using filezilla
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    Each of the softwares probably have instructions on their site, generally however you upload the files into public_html (or a subfolder there of) and once done so they probably would have an "automatic" on screen installation script that shows when you browse to the address.
    Please note that you would need to create a database separately through the control panel if the script needs one, same database can be used for more then one script using prefixes to separate the installs.
    For information about how to create a database and a user for it see: (does at this time only show the full cpanel theme however)

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