Is fantastico supposed to work on the vps servers?

Discussion in 'VPS Talk' started by csc2ya, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I've had fantastico installed on my cpanel vps for a while (i installed it while i was playing around, it just happened to work), and it worked fine up until today when it started saying it's no longer licenced for my main ip.

    From what i've seen on netenberg's site, singlehop (who i am aware x10 use for their servers), provide fantastico with their cpanel servers.

    Can anyone (preferably a staff member), confirm whether or not fantastico should work on the x10 vps servers? I've tried removing it and reinstalling it, but I get the same error:

    [B]This server is not properly licensed.[/B]
                Your main server IP as currently seen by our servers is [B]*[/B].
    If you have submitted a different IP for licensing, please contact your NOC if this is a NOC license or email [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] with order number, currently licensed IP and new IP ([B]*[/B]) if this is a self-purchased license.
    (my vps ip has been removed for security....i'll provide it to a staff member on request if needed).

    It's not a problem if it's not supposed to be working. I can just remove it if that's the case (i have installatron and the free version of softacalous installed and working) ,but wanted to check whether it should be working or not first.
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    Fantastico is not included with the VPS licenses.

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