JM & Gold Earn Just for Refer (Payment Proof)

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    What is JM&Gold?
    It's an investments platform where you can earn money by purchasing gold and silver bars and getting a monthly income for life. The more bars you have, the more you will earn per month.

    How can I get the bars?
    * Purchasing them through any of our payment options.
    * Every 1000 ads viewe will give you 1 silver bar.
    * Every 50 referrals will give you 1 silver bar.

    Do I get paid for viewing ads?
    You will earn 1 silver bar for every 1000 ads viewed. Every silver bar will give you a monthly income of 20%, which means $5 of monthly payment for life.

    When can I cash out?
    You can cashout whenever you like, as long as you have reached the minimum of $5. Regular members get their payment 7 business days after the cashout is placed. Honor members get their payment within 24 hours, no matter if it's weekend or holydays.

    Join Now:
    * Referral Link: (Feel free to use it if you want to thank me)
    * Non-Referral Link:

    More Information and Ways to Earn Money:
    * EMCeats:

    Latest Payment Proof: March 29th, 2010

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