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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Uchiha Sasuke, May 22, 2012.

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    hello folks

    i was wondering if there are convention experts who would mind helping me out as i am starting a new con called Japan Central and Lan Central.

    the first con is mainly focusing on anime+japanese concerts and shows. my other con will be focused on old school gaming like console and pc. it will have several events and tournaments and sponsors. i am not sure if i will have sponsors for my first con. currently i am lookin for some volunteer staff who will help with me design the layout for the forum as well as the departments as i will after that start meetings locally in chicago for more in depth ideas.

    the forums address is jcen.x10.mx but currently its offline as i am still trying to get an idea of how i will build it so that it will work ok.

    currently there are open positions for the following Departments: ( please bear with me )

    A/V Technician
    Guest Relations
    Customer Service
    IT Technician
    Con Operation
    Incident and Emergency Response

    all the above are for Japan Central except Lan Central which i yet to announce the departments for it.

    im looking also for people who will Department Heads for each + those who have experience in forum management

    if anyone is interested please reply back in this thread also if you are living in chicago please feel free to leave your contact info so that we may discuss it later on. you may contact me on my msn at ramythestud@hotmail.com or aim at sexyboyramy all other contact info must be requested via these or at my personal email at rabdalla@ameritech.net


    Ramy Abdalla
    Japan/Lan Central Director

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