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    I'm gonna open this up and see how it goes. Right now I am not gonna offer the custom template option, I'm gonna see how this works out, then I might open it up. If some of the prices are outrageous, please let me know. I want to make this an affordable option.

    ~ 100 c. - basic sliced layout (you provide template)
    ~ 300 c. - sliced layout exported to valid CSS (you provide template)

    [+] 50 c. - layout will be made to fit any size screen resolution (only applies to basic sliced layout package)
    [+/-] 500 c. - create a custom template for you (may vary depending on difficulty)


    1) Choose a "package" from the prices section.
    2) Choose any options you would like to add.
    3) Reply with your the item you are ordering, and tally up the credits due.
    4) Once I reply to you by PM that I will accept your offer, you may PM me back with the picture* of the template.

    *picture should be in a decent size and quality (otherwise offer will be rejected until a further template has been produced, or a minimum of 50 c. will be added onto the order)

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