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    Due to me having a ton of free time, I've decided to do script installation services.

    A list of scripts I will install are:

    • phpBB 2 and 3
    • MyBB
    • punBB
    • Media Wiki (Can take up to 72 hours for installation to be completed)
    • WordPress
    • Radio DJ Panel v3
    • SMF
    • Joomla!
    • and much more.
    If a script you need isn't listed, feel free to PM me with the name and a url to the scripts site.

    The prices on these scripts very, from anywhere to 200 - 500 credits.

    Please Private Message me with any questions or if you need a script installed.

    *All accounts must be upgraded to PHP v2 (Intermediate) before script installation.
    **Mods will not be installed on any script.
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