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Please really really need help

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    Dear Joy gatteroyce
    On my original iPad 4.0 and up it this is what is has in the email blank box an E which is not suppose to be there. Without the the capital E and if it's just blank and let me type in my email and username which is beadsx12 only and the user password is accurate. Last time it happened too and I had to try to log in and log back out again and it was very late like finally at 5 :00 am everything was ok but now I am panicking because I can't log into my big original iPad. Oh and thanks you very much with the other iPad mini is has no capital E and when I enter my email and user name it works and the main clickable URL domain which is http//
    The 5 th and 6th images show what it is correctly like.
    Please help me thank you very much

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