!! Read Me Before Posting in the Ads & Offers Forum !!

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    What is the Ads & Offers forum?

    The Ads & Offers forum is for users who need help or staff members for their websites or users who want to help or staff someone else's website. This forum is for assisting staff to find open positions, not for selling or buying anything. Posters may mention they are offering or requesting payment, but payment arrangements and details must be handled outside of this forum. X10Hosting staff and community staff members are not obligated to settle disputes arising from posts in this forum, so consider your dealings with other people in this forum to be at your own risk. If you post your email address for others to contact you, keep in mind that email harvesters crawl these forums and you will likely receive spam because of this.

    Good transactions for the Ads & Offers forum:
    Looking for PHP programmers to help build a site
    Experienced forum administrator looking for a new site

    Prohibited transactions for the Ads & Offers forum:
    $20/hr. for experienced HTML5 coder
    #1 search engine ranking for only $500!!

    Ads & Offers Forum Rules:

    The Ads & Offers forum has the following rules. Any thread created in violation of these rules will be closed, any posts found in violation of these rules will be deleted, and any posters found in violation of these rules is eligible to receive infraction points for offending material.

    • ALL rules of the x10Hosting Forums apply to this forum as well as every other forum.
    • NO posting transactions involving forum credits or any other payment. These belong in the Marketplace.
    • NO Adbux or any similar services. These posts belong in http://x10hosting.com/forums/earning-money/
    • NO transactions will be allowed involving the sale, trade, or donation of x10hosting Forums reputation points. Points may still be awarded in this forum if any user feels that they are merited.
    • NO thread hijacking. Posting competitive offers in anyone's thread will be considered thread hijacking. Start a new thread if you think your service is better.
    • NO thread closed because of a rule violation may be reopened or re-posted.
    • NO posts that involve a third party web host.
    • As a courtesy to others, close your threads after the transaction has been completed.

    Additional Information

    • If your post does not meet the requirements of this forum, you may be eligible to post in in a different forum, namely the other forums in this section: http://x10hosting.com/forums/site-promotion/ Note that no forum permits monetary or physical good transactions.
    • If you do not like the strict requirements of these forums, consider the following sites:
    • If you don't like the rules of this forum, consider posting in the feedback and suggestions forum: http://x10hosting.com/forums/feedback-suggestions/
    • Rules of the x10Hosting Forums, as a reference:
    • Have fun!
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