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    What is the marketplace?

    The marketplace is the only part of the X10Hosting forums where you can trade X10Hosting forum credits for services and certain other things. Users may post deals where they give or receive credits for services received or given. Monetary values and physical items are not allowed to be traded on any part of the X10Hosting forums. If you need to make a deal of this kind, a suitable 3rd party service should be found that will protect all parties involved. Users wishing to place an advertisement for requesting or providing services for free or hiring staff members should post in the Ads & Offers forum.

    Good transactions for the marketplace:
    [OFF][250 credits] Looking for unique content for my blog
    [REQ][1000 credits] Customized Drupal templates

    Prohibited transactions for the marketplace:
    [OFF][$5 paypal] Buy my extra TLDs!
    [REQ][used laptop] Offering custom PHP programming for a used laptop!

    Marketplace Rules:

    The Marketplace has the following rules. Any thread created in violation of these rules will be closed, any posts found in violation of these rules will be deleted, and any posters found in violation of these rules is eligible to receive infraction points for offending material.

    • ALL rules of the X10Hosting Forums apply to this forum as well as every other forum.
    • ALL threads must use a prefix. [REQ] means the original poster is paying for a service. [OFF] means the original poster is selling a service.
    • ALL threads must state the amount of the transaction in the title and the currency must be in forum credits. [REQ][100 credits] is the preferred notation, in example. Exclusions to this rule are posters offering a range of prices ([REQ][100-1000 credits] in example), posters who are unsure of prices ([REQ][??? credits] in example), or authors who are seeking/offering non-monetary, non-physical good, and non-forum credit transactions ([REQ][other] in example).
    • NO posting advertisements or offers for free help or staffing. These belong in http://x10hosting.com/forums/ads-offers/
    • NO Adbux or any similar services. These posts belong in http://x10hosting.com/forums/earning-money/
    • NO referrals for money or physical goods. If the referral pays in something other than money, the referral can be posted as long as a non-referral link is also posted.
    • NO posts that have a referral link if there is currently an open thread already involving the same referral site.
    • NO transactions will be allowed involving the sale, trade, or donation of X10hosting Forums reputation points. Points may still be awarded in this forum if any user feels that they are merited.
    • NO thread hijacking. Posting a counter offer or counter request to the original poster's offer or request will be considered thread hijacking. Other posters trying to win the offer or request may try to outbid each other as long as they are responding to the original poster's post.
    • NO thread closed because of a rule violation may be reopened or re-posted.
    • NO posts that involve a third party web host.
    • NO responding to offers or requests in which you do not have enough credits to pay.
    • As a courtesy to others, close your threads after the transaction has been completed.
    Mediator Policy

    Either the original poster or the user that the original poster has picked to complete the transaction may request a mediator. Mediators are trusted members of the X10Hosting Forums community and will hold the credits until both users have fulfilled their obligations agreed upon in the thread. If either fails to complete their part of the deal, the funds will be distributed based on the mediator's discretion.

    • The mediator's decision is final. By agreeing to use a mediator, users agree to submit to their decision.
    • If the original poster and the user cannot agree on whether or not to use a mediator, the deal should be considered void, and the original poster is free to select another user to complete the transaction.
    • Once a mediator has been asked to handle a transaction, both users must request the mediator to end their services.
    • Mediators can not and will not handle any currency other than X10Hosting Forums credits.
    • Mediators can be contacted via the PM system for issues involving the Marketplace ONLY. Do not contact Mediators for support of your X10Hosting free account. These requests should go in http://x10hosting.com/forums/free-hosting/
    • Do not post on a Mediator's visitor messages for support. If you have not gained sufficient privileges to access the PM system, post a new thread in the Marketplace with no prefix and [HELP] in the title and wait for help.
    • It is up to the user requesting credits to satisfactorily prove they have completed the requested task. It is in these users' best interest to collect evidence that they have done what the offerer has asked. Any claims made by the requesting users with no evidence will not be considered.
    • Mediators may be contacted with any questions about the rules of this forum. If there is something questionable that you want to post, ask a mediator before posting. Once posted, without exception, the author is fully responsible for that post.
    Current Mediators
    Moderators may add or remove themselves from this list at any time. Others should ask a current mediator how to become a mediator.

    Additional Information

    • These rules have been in place for a long time, so there will be no tolerance of violations. See the following threads for reference:
    • http://x10hosting.com/forums/marketplace/75035-please-read-before-you-post.html
    • http://x10hosting.com/forums/marketplace/53287-rep-clubs-contests-closed.html
    • If your post does not meet the requirements of this forum, you may be eligible to post in in a different forum, namely the other forums in this section: http://x10hosting.com/forums/site-promotion/ Note that no forum permits monetary or physical good transactions.
    • If you don't like the rules of this forum, consider posting in the feedback and suggestions forum: http://x10hosting.com/forums/feedback-suggestions/
    • Rules of the X10Hosting Forums, as a reference:
    • Have fun!
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