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Discussion in 'Graphics & Webdesign' started by kim_foxx, Mar 3, 2013.

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    I'm making a resume using photoshop and then im going to export it to PDF.
    I was wondering how do i go about creating different pages in the PDF?
    So now I've set the photoshop canvas to be the same as an A4 page. I have done the first page.
    I am going to save it and then start on the 2nd page but how do I link those 2 pages together in the PDF?
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    Why use a photo program to do a text document? You can prepare your resume in a text programs and export it to your files as a PDF within the program. If you do the resume in a photo program you must export each page as a PDF file and then use another program to combine the individual PDF files into one.
    If you do not have a text program, you can download the "Open Office" suite of applications free. Your text options are much greater using a word processing program.
    If you must use a photo program, the individual PDF files can be combined using a free program such as "pdfsam".


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