SpywareBlaster 3.3 Released

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    New in this version:

    * Improved Mozilla/Firefox detection / support
    * Improved support for Netscape 7.x (under the Mozilla/Firefox protection)
    * Improved updating
    * Fixed various problems downloading the latest updates with certain firewalls (or other programs) installed
    * Various cosmetic fixes/improvements
    * Further optimizations to certain parts of the program
    * Setup file is digitally signed
    * And lots of other bug fixes and requested tweaks

    This 3.3 release provides bug fixes and enhanced performance.
    Various issues people have been having with previous releases should be fixed.

    SpywareBlaster still offers the built-in Check for Updates feature. This feature is completely free and allows you to keep up-to-date by clicking on a button in the SpywareBlaster interface.

    SpywareBlaster 3.3 now offers SpywareBlaster AutoUpdate - a brand-new updating solution. Just set it up, and AutoUpdate will check at every system boot for the latest updates and enable the newest protection (other options are available).

    As much as we would like to provide auto-updating functionality for free, bandwidth costs are simply too great to make it feasible. AutoUpdate functionality is $9.95 (US) per year, which helps to cover the bandwidth costs. The Check for Updates function remains completely free, as does SpywareBlaster. You only need to pay if you wish to have the extra convenience of AutoUpdate.

    SpywareBlaster 3.3: More info
    Download: Spyware Blaster

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