Unable to optimize domain with Cloudflare under X10 cPanel

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by simon.evanz48, May 9, 2013.

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    I have been trying to get my domain to optimize itself within cPanel but I keep on getting an error message

    [​IMG] Error
    CloudFlare is already hosting "wampbox.co.uk" under a different account. If you are the new, rightful owner, please contact CloudFlare and reference this message (#208 ).

    Now, I have removed all possible conflicting zone records from past optimizations on the above domain including the 'www' sub-domain but its still not working.
    Can someone please help me out with this one.

    Also, CloudFlare CS team have been unable to assist, I have been in communication with them to try diagnose the problem for a few days now and this matter is still "unresolved"

    CF staff have sugessted I my domains DNS management over to greg. (or whatever) NS to be fully handled under Cloudflares DNS System. I prefure to stay with ns1.x10hosting.com & ns2.x10hosting.com so I can manage all my DNS records from under X10 cPanel.

    I hope someone is kind enough to offer a bit of advise/support from this great Community and Service provider X10 :)
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