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    There's 3 kinds of people in this world; coders, designers, and mutant cyborgs who can do both. I'm but a humble coder, so anything graphical makes my keyboard mysteriously stop functioning and my hair ends up in little piles on the floor. Nobody wants that to happen, so I'm going to request for some help.

    I'm looking for an original web UI. I don't want anything too fancy, as you can see in my current website here: liquidphp.net. I'd like to stick to the color palette in the Liquidphp logo (courtesy of X10Hosting member farscapeone) with a limited number of accent colors, at your discretion. It should have the typical elements of a blog; navbar, menu, content area, etc. Additionally, I need a stylized section for what will be code tags
    like this
    If anyone wants to try and put something out for free here on the forum, that would be fantastic. But, I know some people value their time and effort very highly, so you may PM me your email address if you want to negotiate compensation. I'm the moderator for this forum, so if you decide to request payment in this thread, I will automatically decline your offer and delete you post as per the sticky in this forum.

    The website is mostly about coding, so feel free to add anything reminiscent of coding, binary files, segfaults; nerdy stuff.

    Ask your questions here so everyone can see the answer, unless it's a payment request.

    Thanks for your time, everyone :)
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