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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by ebmx10ho, Oct 13, 2021.

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    Hi Anna,

    Would you please have a look at my account

    Until the end of August 2021 I did not have any problems accessing both the website and the WordPress backend. I now cannot access my website as it displays an error message "Apache is functioning normally". I also cannot access the WP-Login page which displays 404 (Not Found) error message.

    I have raised Ticket #000018924 about this problem but haven't heard anything yet.

    Many thanks.
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    Free hosting does not have a ticket system, all support are done here on the forums, or optionally over discord. is not associated with your account here, which would be why it does not work properly, the domain does also not point to our servers as far as I can tell, the domain in question appears to work wherever it is currently hosted though.

    The domain that is associated with your account here also appears to work properly and allow me to visit the wp-login page.

    The apache is functioning normally message most often stems from attempting to use https:// without properly configuring it on the account.

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