What is the best way to do this: In and Out Systen

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    I am working on a system that will allow people to assign a status to themselves, either In (in the office) or out ( out of the office and a brief description of when they'll be back and what their doing). We currently have a Asp.net version that is really old and out dated and we wanted to slowly start building a new one. The old one syncs to Active Directory to populate the names as well as control who is signed in (looks at whose domain account is logged in and uses that to control who is affected by the changes made). What is the best way to store these user statuses and display them over the network. I don't know that I am giving a good description so if you need anything more let me know. As far as what language it is to be written in I was hoping PHP but I am not sure what language would suit this best. Also if it helps the site is only accessible while on our network.
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    If you are planning on running this on x10's Free Hosting: don't, it won't work. Not only do we not have the necessary PHP extensions installed, but we heavily restrict outbound ports, and AD/LDAP is not on the whitelist.

    If you are planning on running this elsewhere (own server, or x10VPS where you have root-level access and can install packages): You'll want to make use of the PHP LDAP extension to auth users against AD and get their directory info, which should include their in/out status, depending on how you are storing it.

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