Where those birthpangs?

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    Of late I have been one of many of us who have had many excruciating hours of some key elements of our sites failing - like key php functions.

    Some 2 key sites I'm developing were badly affected, one appearing for only about 1 or 2 days in over 2 weeks at very inopportune times for me for many reasons.
    This seems to be gone - permit me to use "seem" ... for now.:drool: At least almost no problem for the last 2 days, that have come to my attention.

    What is definitely conspicuous:
    The Drupal based site used to takes ages to load - there's a big difference now.
    A web directory I'm experimenting on, used to take ages to spider a few pages of a site - often over 20 min for 100 pages, now it takes a few seconds to go thru fewer pages - certainly for 100 pages much less time - not takehn note of how much it takes now.
    Also importing pages from DMOZ was a major problem. Merely loading the different category/subcat. pages would take ages, until one got 2 the desired one and time-outs where the order of the day. Actually, I thought that is how those things function!! This is a new field for me.

    That "seems" to be gone!
    I now know things can be very different.

    Keep on!:cool:
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    :) We're glad things seemed to have worked themselves out.

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