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Discussion in 'VPN' started by medina, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I think it would be good to see the instructions for configuring the VPN on mobile devices, such as IOS and I guess android and Black Berry ...
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    I have configured it on my iPhone before and the steps are quite easy actually....
    for iOS users who wants to configure x10VPN, please follow below steps.

    1. Tap on Settings
    2. Tap on General
    3. Tap on Network
    4. Tap on VPN
    5. Tap on Add VPN Configuration
    6. Choose PPTP tab
    7. Fill in the required information below
    • Description: x10VPN or anything you want to name this VPN connection
    • Server: server1.x10vpn.com - if unsure, login to https://x10vpn.com/account and locate "Connect Address"
    • Account: Enter your x10VPN username
    • RSA SecurID: leave it off
    • Password: your x10VPN password or leave blank if you wish to prompt for password every time it connects
    • Encryption Level: Auto
    • Send All Traffic: ON
    • Proxy : Off
    8. Tap Save on top right of your screen
    9. Setting up is done.

    To connect to x10VPN, simply tap on Settings icon from your main screen and you'll see VPN just below Wifi.
    You can toggle it on and off from here.

    When VPN is connected, you will see a VPN icon on your status bar.

    but x10VPN service is not working for the past few weeks... :frown:
    so maybe when it's up y'all can try the above steps.

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