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    Tufat script contest!!!

    Great :D who want any tufat script just pm me... FREE !!! or link to the one of my sites all scripts from my tufat aff. accout and i dont using any script
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    Link exchange anyone?

    still cant open for review
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    Link exchange anyone?

    site alive? cant open
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    Looking for affiliates (ads to place on my site)

    where will placed ads?
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    seling text link spots on front page

    i will buy for 3 month at once if my link will placed on "Best Movie Reviews | Videolemon | OVGuide |" line
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    Easy Credits

    i am looking nice non advert. articles about love(need 20), online games(need 20), site cretion (need 10), study lounge (need 10), home finance (10), poetry (20) ill pay 20 credits per article. search internet for these articles, min 5000 symbols. my offer only for exellent speaking peolples pm...
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    Link exchange with dating sites

    Girls Sticks of mood
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    Link Exchange with games,funny things related sites

    FreeFly again ^_^
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    game link!!! - Game Clan Site - Google PR 1
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    x10Exchange? Yeah!

    easy to cheat :frown: as mostly on the same banner ex. sites want to now how to?
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    php-GTK is for desktop usage, hence XAMPP won't need it, nor likley be able to use it if you run it serverside
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    Great Link Exchange 3:1

    i create page "Links" on site "Understand It" so i will post 3 you links with descriptions and you place my one link on main page of you site (footer or sidebar) remark The description should be unique
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    How to promote?

    Planning to run the web-site with adult content. Anyone know how to promote adult sites? PS my adult site will not be hosted on x10 !!!
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    Buying place for text link

    buying text links to my site i will pay for placing my site`s text link from pages with Google PR 1 - 100 Credits Google PR 2 - 250 credits more PR pm Google PR 0 (but indexed by google pages) - 50 credits from any sites (second level domain) - 30 credits prices per month placing...
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    Make Two Themes(Styles)

    I am looking who make 2 themes for me. 1. for phpBB3 need style as my site vFreeMind ( possible to restyle&apply phpBB3 theme acidtech_tiger req. fixed width, same colors&images as in my site (i ll give some psd&css) correctly displaying in IE6&FF ----------------...