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    Change primary domain name.

    *followed. ---------- Post added at 11:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:10 AM ---------- Kept the destination url box blank. flushed the dns and it solved my issue. Thanks for the help anyways. :smile:
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    change domain name.

    Thanks. It meant a lot to me.
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    change domain name.

    I am very much disappointed by the fact that i have been looking for the solution of my problem but no luck for me. I purchased a domain name and wanted to make it as my main domain name. changed the nameservers to that of x10 hosting,did everything as is suggested by x10hosting but it is not...
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    Domain name problem

    Hi. I am using free hosting services and had been using x10hosting domain name. Bought a domain name and wanted to change the old x10hosting domain name with my purchased one. Did everything mentioned here to make it as my main domain name...
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    Change primary domain name.

    Thanks a ton for the help. Iollowed the steps but couldn't figure it out what to type in the "destination" box provided by the site which I bought domain name from.
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    Change primary domain name.

    Hi. I have purchased a new domain name for my site and want to change my primary domain name. Please help me changing the same as I am getting redirecting loop if i do so by myself.
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    sir/ma'am, when i make an account for email on x10 hosting account it gives me following error. " ErrorNo such file or directory: /home/aksoft29/etc/ passwd click to close" please suggest me what to do ??
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    https problem.

    my website switches to https aand http to and fro. when it is in https mode, it doesnt displays anything. please fix this problem of mine.