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    cpanel not working

    hi there long time no talk lolz i cant login to cpanel i log in every 2 weeks so that cant be the problem site is working fine except cpanel
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    Site down up down up down

    hi whats going on lately. my site is going up and down up and down for the last few day's i cant get any work done. or just wondering whats going on.
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    Brand new sig and avatar

    i got a brand new sig and avatar. tell me what you guys think of it.
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    ads down???

    hi the ads code does not seem to work anymore for the advanced package. the ads where there just this afternoon but now there gone. any ideas???
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    hi. i saw my site is down don't now someone elses is. but anyway mine is down i can login to Cpanel and saw that the msql databases are gone. cant create new ones by the way. are there problems with the mysql cause cpanel says that its online and working, only...
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    Rate this sig

    Hi this is an old sig of mine. i don't use it enymore but like to now your opinion about it
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    New banner

    I got a new banner. its large because its the wide of my portal page. old: new:
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    my site is suspended cause there where no ads. i find that strage because the adcode is there so it sould be working i ask about it at the portals support site and they cauld see theme. if i can get unsuspended i will have a look at it, sugestions on the ads...
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    Your opinion about this site i made

    Hi i made a site al about the dutch top 40 in htm en stylsheet. need some feedback one it. lang is dutch. its not hosted here but i am tinking to do an english version of it than. Waht do you think of it this is the Site
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    see my Banner

    check out this banner :hsdance::hsdance: