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  • i can't create email address aS like admin@technepal.x10.mx..my ftp file has been deleted please help ..while i try to create account it says Error File open for /home/technepa/etc/technepal.x10.mx/passwd failed with error No such file or directory
    Shouldn't you edit some of the settings, sort our the bots issue and spice up the forum a little? :p
    Thanks for Realizing me Sharky. I'm sorry Bob for everything wrong I said. I was unknown of your sad story. You have lost your every relation and you are all alone with your kids. After listening your sad story I can't stop my tears to flow out from my eyes, It seems that my tears will create a new river in this beautiful earth. I know you need someone to share your feelings and emotions. I promise I will be your friend till my end and I'm not going to cheat you like all your other relation. But there is only one obstacle in the way of our friendship. The difference in our status. You are a billionaire and I'm so poor that I even can't manage to earn $5 from my credits. To make our friendship stable and life long you can donate me your half credit. Then we will be in equal status.
    I'm waiting for your reply.
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