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    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    Cute ftp !Being using all vesrions since the late 90's!
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    External HDD Doesn't have a power button?

    I have one with no power but i noticed that it heats up occasionally,just puled in with no use! So i turn the cord off!
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I am using windows 7 x64 in all my pc's home & work and windows 7 32bit in my netbook. So far its the best os i have worked with.Stable light and very reliable.
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    How to get ASP.Net to work at x10Hosting

    Re: How to get ASP.Net to work with MySql at x10Hosting Nice Guide !!
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    Tips for promoting your website.

    Interesting info! Thanks for sharing !
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    My hosted site is down

    Hello, my hosted site is down canot be reached and i cant access the ftp as well. Any help will be appreciated ,Thank you