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    My site to help gamers tell me wht you think im finaly open for busniess mostly for gamers but you can brows around
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    Review My Website

    I signed up man that site is awsome it kick a$$ i like it i will be using it very well put to gather and nicly done i would suggest it
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    Exim Causeing Problems

    IM havinfg so many problems here it says that Exim is offline and it has been for 3 days and this Apache HTTP being down every 2 hours is getting out of hand can you fix the Exim please and why has it been down for 3 days its causeing problem and makeing my PHP site Slow cPanle...
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    Please review my website.

    TPI007 hey if you have xfire add me man XFIRE:agent87 thats my name on ther i can get you a roster and help with your header if you dont got xfire you can add me to MSN or Teamspeak IP: Or my site forums and ill help you with...
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    What PHP

    whats some other good free php content managment systems out there besides???? PHP Nuke Nuke EVO Nuke Platinum Nuke Raven Post Nuke phpwcms phpwebsite
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    I Like It You Get A +rep
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    My personal website

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    Review Docs-Social

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    Please review my website.

    NICE SITE MAN YOU NEED TO ADD A ROSTER PAGE AD YOULL HAVE IT MADE heres my clan sit its on a paid server so its better than this place BUT YOU HAVE A COOL WEBSITE MAN
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    My Bar

    nice man
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    Help Im new Here

    I prefer PHP Im an expert at it tho i do it for a living
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    Americas Army Anyone

    Sweet well i like AA alright but I LOVE COD4 and combat arms is perty cool but i dont think you can beat COD4 im in the accul army and i think COD4 beats AA 10 to 1 our clan web site is we have been around for 3 years now
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    SUHOSIN Error What Now

    hello my frined is having me build a site and i wante to know why am i getting this Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of preg_replace() with /e modifier is forbidden by configuration in /home/cards/public_html/includes/classes/class.identify.php(182) : regexp code on line 182 and why on his...
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    Needs Help With FTP?

    ok thank you sir Edit: How Much Longer Will It Take