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    Change domain error!

    Hosting Domain Modification submitted April 17 at 6:23 am qPenLwmMlszZ action status Error information A change to your hosting account's primary domain. result A system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: 1E9F63B0 i wanted to change my domain from...
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    Google Adsense

    i didn't use google adsense now.... coz i i tried to put it in my website.... and i have some few visitors just like my schoolmates.... and i haven't received even $0.01 for months that's why i pulled it off.... or maybe i just don't know how to make it work....
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    i agree ^_^
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    so joomla is legal to use? coz, i used joomla in my website....
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    Cant Login

    i have the same problem too.. i can't login my account at homepage...
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    I am not able to login my x10hosting CP

    yeah... your right...
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    x10hosting "Network Timeout"

    mine too... but it is now accessible now...
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    Help with beginning page on my site

    you must have to put something in your index.html file. you can put your html codes there. your index.html file will appear in the brower once a visitor logged to your site. you can put your sitemap there. Example: you have a certain file, and you want that file to appear first once a visitor...
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    Website not working...?

    how long would it takes by the way? because i need the preview of my website... i had just updated it...
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    Question: Can we change from one server to another?

    First of all... I want to greet you happy day... My question is can we change servers???? I'm having a free hosting plan example my server is starka.x10 .... but i think it is still down.... and i want to change from starka to another server... are the other servers down too...
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    Why i can't open my website's url???

    ok thnx
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    Why i can't open my website's url???

    my server is starka and i check it it's all green in the status... :happysad::happysad::happysad::happysad:
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    Why i can't open my website's url???

    sometimes... i can't open my site's url..... when i type my website url on the address bar and then press enter... it will load slowly as in very slow!!!!! and after few seconds "Page Load Error" phrase appear.... i have no idea what is happening to my site... is it with my pc's...
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    cPanel url stoli not working

    there are two ways of logging to your cpanel... it is either by or in your x10hosting account panel you can have there another url for your cpanel... you can use this instead of :lockd::naughty::naughty:
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    Login Page

    guys i want to know how to create a log-in page using php codes.... a log-in page which will be looked like a registration page but only requires user-name and password.... and when they type a user-name and password.... the information they typed will be send to sql database