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    Need Some Help With Wordpress Please Help

    hey there all i resently upgraded to the latest version and for some reason when i select one of the categories i get the following error message please can someone help me? 'WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL...
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    My New Aracde

    hey there all got an arcade that i recently bought and im wondering how i can get more visitor to the site without have to send on advertising. ive linked the arcade to many other arcades and that seemed to work but only for a little while the site url is what...
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    Problem With My Account

    Ok i has suspended 3 days ago just as i was uploading my newly created site. the layout that i created didnt have the ad code as i forgot so i accepted the suspension as it was my fault but now when i try to go to my account i get this error message can someone help me? My account username is...
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    My Site Not Loading

    Hey There All I Noticed That My Site Wasnt Working A Few Days Ago And Thought It Might Have Some Thing to Do With The Recent Over Load. But Its Been Like 2-3 Days Know And My Site Still Doesnt Work The Url Is Please Help Me Out Thanks Articz
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    Could Someone Help Me

    Whenever I Try To Access The Admin CP Of My Site I Keep Getting The Following Error. Ive Never Had This Problem Before But I Could Myself With It. Below Is The Error Message I Am Getting Any Help Welcome And Thax In Advance
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    reactivate account email problems

    hey there i got an email telling me that my account here at x10 have been Suspended for being inactive but how can it be active if its down i last went on cpanel the day b4 everything when dead. ooo yea this is the email i got when i click the reactivate link it comes up with a 404...
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    Cpanel Password Reset

    Account Name: articz Domain: email: articz[@] thanx
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    Problem With Awstats

    Hey There All I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Else Is Getting An Error With Awstats In CPanel This Is The Error I Get
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    Site Timeouts

    Hey Every One i just was wondering if theres something wrong with the server as my forum members seem to be getting server timeouts whenever they try to login or view the site. i dont seem to get the timeouts as much as the members for some reason but they are telling me that they get loged out...
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    AD Problem

    Hey There Im Having A Problem With The Ads I Have The Ad Code On My Forums But For Some Reason On The First Page Of My Forum I Cant See The Ad On Either IE Or Firefox. But When I Click On A Topic Then I Can View The Ad Correctly. i Hope You Understand Below Are Screens Of What My Forum Looks...
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    My Account Suspened

    cPanel Username: Articz Subdomain: How long your account has been up: 6 months i think Did you have the ads placed on every page: yep all pages had the ads im sure Articz
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    Need Help With PHP

    hey there people i need to know if it is possible to add PHP coding to an HTML page. i need to add a bit of php into my site but its written in HTML. all ending with .htm or .html please help thx in advance *EDIT Woot This Is My 200th Post Here
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    something wrong with disk usage

    theres something wrong with the disk usage meter on cpanel on the main page this is what i get notice the disk space used amount this is what i get from the disk usage section notic how much my gallery is taking up and compare that with the main cpanels meter i dont really mind...
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    Problem With My Coppermine Gallery

    hey people i just got my site updated by corey and i tried to upload a few images to my gallery but i now get this error please help
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    A problem With Finding sites

    hey i dont no if you now but the sites ive looked at hosted here are going to some other site. this includes my site it seens to be pointing to another site please help Ps my site is being directed to to element fx