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    3 Great ways to get pass school filters

    i've got a great one that always works - but only in a very rare scenario. my dad used to be the it guy at a high school, i helped him out, so i got an account at their sonicwall that bypassed all filters, and an account at the server that had no restrictions. tada! the only thing was, it...
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    Google's New Favicon

    the new favicon looks much better than the old one, i like it now. the old one was ugly
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    Firefox Download Day

    yeah, but i'm not even on my computer on sundays. i guess it's not that big a problem if i don't keep the pledge...
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    What are external links?

    right, an external link is when somebody else's site links to your site. it should be a relevant link, like, if it's for the chao club then it would help if it's from a game site or a sonic site... any link is better than no link though.
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    Updating Forums

    cool, an update... so far i haven't noticed anything wrong. no bugs or downtime, or images not showing...
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    Firefox Download Day

    i want to pledge, but i'm worried it might be on a sunday... if download day is a sunday i won't be able to keep my pledge. not to mention if it's in the next two weeks, i'll be moving and won't have internet...
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    best Wordpress themes? they have 1940 themes last i checked
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    wait 24 hours for the nameservers in to change
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    what type of page do u prefer

    between narrow and broad, somewhere between 850px and 990px darker colors, dark grays look good. different color for highlights, like a dusty green, red, orange, blue, or whatever. i don't like websites plain at all, i like the design to be snazzy. (i think snazzy's a word)
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    Fresh new look!

    the tiled background looks ugly, the typography isn't very good. use a sans-serif font for website text, not a serif font. like arial. the menu is too plain, and the text on it is too blocky
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    please review my site......... completely redesigned

    i'm rating just the design: 5/10 it's too plain and flat, and looks too busy.
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    AJAX Refresh problem with IE

    that's wierd, i had this problem in all browsers except for IE when i was trying to work with ajax. IE always works fine for me.
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    The meaning of "News"

    news is something unusual that happened, like a fire, a death, or something new, like a new website, new product, or something. there's no concrete definition though if a dog bit bush then it would be news (but he deserves it) but if the dog bit some bum on 7th street then nobody would care.
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    StarWars or Lord or the Rings

    LOTR it's the best movie(s) / book(s) i've ever seen/read i don't care for star wars