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    Search Engine Optimisation

    How you do that 8% bounce is very good.
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    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    im not try to refute. you're right. they just finishing touch but could help with compressing javascript and html on visitor browser. also could help if you have isp ping networking problem. and website security
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    I feel x10hosting is better than other free hosting providers.

    you're right. this free hosting is powered by single hop. no worry about isp networking problem. i just realized it when signup with pay hosting that having network problem
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    Intel vs AMD Processors

    i think intel is much better, amd is faster
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    Can i use VPS as a game server?

    your vps came with managed or unmanaged, how many dedicated ip for your d3 package
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    Free VPS Trial

    i see some company offering under 10dollar for vps, but i never try it, someone tell me that vps is equal with shared host.
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    VPS newbie questions

    i see, how much traffic a day shared hosted can handle. if i get 100 people online at the same time are share hosted service still okay? thank you for your reply
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    VPS newbie questions

    sorry,, i'd like to ask how much traffic vps can handle compare with share hosting
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    Free VPS Trial

    wow, free vps. nobody offer vps for free, you'll be the first?
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    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    cloudflare is free and very proffessional. the customer support is friendly, they help me a lot even i am they free member. you should try they service. it's could help your website rank higher.
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    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    so clodflare not the cause?
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    hi friends join me at

    hi friends join me at
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    help needed

    i can't access my control panel thanks