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    Want to learn to program....

    My learning path is currently Lynda.Com video tutorials "PHP and Mysql :Essentials" and "PHP and MySql:Beyond the Basics" I am halfway through the first one and finding it very easy to follow - the whole thing about programming and Web Develpment is (IMHO) conceptual. Each concept is explained...
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    Day 5, amongst the tumble weed

    I added my view in a post yesterday (see in this thread 'Bachstrad') in a fit of pique. Since then I have had an online chat with someone who was unable to help but told me that my problem was not a one off - also explained what "second line support" meant. Also got a reply from Chris on...
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    Day 5, amongst the tumble weed

    I am sure that everyone is doing al that they can however the deal was free web hosting and all I have to do is log into the forums which I do regularly. Mostly to try to find out why I have a 404 error and no website and is it being fixed because its really getting very boring now. Yes I know...
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    Urgent - X10 Hacked/Problems/Locked Out!

    I have had a 404 error for number of days now without any response from a ticket nor have I been able to find assistance on the unofficial channels. I really dont know what to do except move my website to another freebie organisation I will wait another week and see if anything happens...
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    what is happening

    Suddenly for no apparent reason my website is offering 404 errors and not available. I have not changed anything I have chekcked my content and nothing is different. I checked to see if the server was down and received an error that the server for site is not...
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    help please 404 error+unable to determine server

    Unable to determine server of Debug Info: $ip = tried to check server up down and got this message please help
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    review my site

    complete newbi site with pixilated graphics - this is my very go at a webpage. next version needs improvement so I am sticking my chin out please give it your best shot. Edit:
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    New Website

    Read AND USE the book in easy steps PHP 5 by Mike McGrath. I promote this book only becuse in UK it is £10 so cheap compared to others so you dont have to sepnd a lot to learn a lot. In conjunction with this I also I use Killer PHP website Stefan Mischook to learn PHP and have found this very...
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    Anyone use Dreamweaver?

    Try Stefan Mischook www.killersites or Stefan has free tutorials on line ready for you to view. I am learning to code by hand because although I have used dreamweaver in the past I want to develop my skills in coding - all i can saay is that Stefan is the Bees Knees on video...
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    Hi I play trumpet and piano Trumpet in a band,piano for myself bach

    Hi I play trumpet and piano Trumpet in a band,piano for myself bach
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    Hello and new to Wamp Server 2

    Hi - just new to hosting and also php/mysql. Is there anyone out there or perhaps a forum for anyone who has set up a Wamp Server 2 Development environment on their PC - I reckon I am going to need all the help I can muster. Oh and I am using PHP 5 in easy steps - anyone know how to get...
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    help please cpanel unavailable

    Thanks a million, worked immediately, been trying this for about two weeks and expecting to get suspended at any time - now hopefully I can get my web page up and running. bachstrad Edit: Also meant to ask what are my "Credits" I seem to have amassed 255 up to now bachstrad
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    help please cpanel unavailable

    Any chance of help with this issue - I still can not get into the cpanel thing. Bachstrad 21 08 2008
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    help please cpanel unavailable

    "Firefox can't find the server at www.centralband.x10hosting." Keep getting this messaage when I hit http:\\www.centralband.xhosting:2082 Bachstrad
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    Can not link to cPanel name

    Thank you - have registered and all is fine. Steve