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    Mozilla Beat World Record!

    I say congrats to Firefox for being the best browser out there. I use it myself, and I recommend it to all, ENJOY.
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    Windows VS. Mac

    I personally use Windows XP myself (Vista = /fail), it's great for deep programmers, Gamers, etc. Mac is good for 2 things. iTunes and graphics design. Windows XP is good for countless things, Microsoft Applications, programming, gaming (Mac has hardly any games and you cannot upgrade them to...
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    Valhalla Gaming (SA-MP)

    There is a great server on San Andreas Multiplayer that I recommend called Valhalla Gaming. It's a great server that has awesome scripting and may active members. Get "San Andreas Multiplayer R3" at: The server is a Role Play server. I play it for hours a day, only gaming...
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    I'm Back!

    Hello all at x10. I have been inactive for a few months but have came back. Hope to chat to you all around, bdog13
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    Deus Ex

    It's a great PC FPS game from around the year 2000 I think, I play it like every day it's very addictive and I got it for only like 10 AU$. It still has quite a few people on multiplayer and is an awesome game. Anyone else play it?
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    Big Thumbs UP!

    Just want to thank you guys at x10 for being one of the best free hosts out there!
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    Vista look on XP?

    Is there any way to make Windows XP look like Windows Vista? By that I mean the bottom toolbar and all that other cool Vista stuff.
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    Website MySQL Error

    Hi again. When I attepmt to go to my forums: ( this message appears: MySQL error: 1045 Access denied for user 'gdomain_forum'@'localhost' (using password: YES) Query: Any help?
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    x10 Ranks

    Hey guys! I've seen some people with, x10 sophmore, elder, lieutenant etc. Does anyone have a list on how many posts you need for each? :biggrin:
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    cPanel Password Reset

    Hi guys! My site is up and running now THANKS COREY! Only one problem, just after the maintenence started, i was having problems loging into cPanel. I still am. Fedlerner asked me trough msn support to post here and ask for an AM Password reset on cPanel. My cPanel username is: gdomain My...
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    Need Help! Urgent!

    I've been on this site for ages and never saw an add over someones signature picture! I have a big virus at the moment "Malware", is it possible for that to hack into my account and replace my picture with it's own? Edit: That's really weird my picture's back again! X10 doesnt advertise spyware...
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    Portable Apps Suite

    I went out and got a 1GB Flash Drive today and I came across a program called "Portable Apps Suite". It's a great program, you simply load it onto your portable storage device of your choice (flash drive or portable hard drive etc.), and you can have lots of applications on your media device...
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    Absolut Servers

    Sorry if this is inconvenient to anyone, but i live in australia and its really confusing for all theese updates because im in a completely different time zone so do any of you know if the absolut servers are back up and if threr not do you know when?
  14. bdog13 problem

    when I go to and log in, it says: An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue. Is this just to...
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    Link my forum account with cPanel account question

    Hi guys! I am currently having problems with loging into cPanel, even though my details i recieved are correct. If i link this account with my cPanel account, will it just stuff up my forum account and not let me log in to that either, or will it let cPanel work since I can log in to this...