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    short url catalog - Still just thinking...

    Thanks lemon-tree, I really don't want the responsibility of maintaining a public list. And I really don't want my domain name related with questionable content. I figure I could bury the add-link page in passwords but I want it to be easy and quick to add links. I do run Apache on my local...
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    short url catalog - Still just thinking...

    Hi All, I'm just thinking about the possibility of creating my own short URL catalog for personal use on twitter and such... The way I'm thinking, something like... Should return a redirect to something like...
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    Do you believe in God?

    I believe in a creator. I see the universe as being too well engineered, to have arisen out of a random blast of energy. I have difficulty with the six day creation story, but I throw my lot in with Jesus Christ. I think, to be well rounded humans we need some belief in a higher meaning to our...
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    Post your specs

    WinXP Home 2.1 Ghz processor 1.5 Gig ram 256Mb Radeon HD 2400 PRO Cable Internet
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    Best Free Stuff

    I like stock.xchng royalty free images
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    The Ultimate Goal of Life

    Where do big bangs come from? Edit: Oops! two line minimum... String theory proposes eleven spacial dimensions, of which we occupy three and a half. Membrane theory which piggybacks on string theory states our observable universe is simply foam in dimension zero. What else resides in ZeroD...
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    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    Does life begin at viability. Because viability is nebulous I believe that a value of life goes to any embryo which could be brought to viability without endangering the health of the mother. On the cellular level that embryo is a unique individual at conception. If the health of the mother is...
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    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    It is widely believed that abortion should be an option when the health of the mother is at risk, yet there are no medical guidelines. I believe that the vast majority of abortions don't involve health concerns. Wikipedia says... It appears the court held that that it is a human being at 24...
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    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    We can agree to disagree if you like. I've got very strong feelings on the issue, yet I certainly don't think I'm trolling. Edit: Why is this thread tagged "gay life choice" It's listed below the last post. :dunno: Edit: I added my tag. I don't know what that's worth :)
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    Mac or PC

    I've never driven a Mac, yet I do think they're great, given the positive press they receive. I dual boot XP and Ubuntu. I like the open architecture of PC's. My three desktop machines are all home built. Two are completely scrapped together from other peoples junk. I probably won't ever own a...
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    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    The point I'm trying to make is that it is alive. You don't believe that life should be valued as a human being, I do! Before birth an embryo acts like a parasite on the mother. Considering it a parasite would certainly give reason to remove it. Yes! I use exclamation points! It keeps me from...
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    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    Conception is when a sperm fertilizes an egg. Their dna mix into a single cell, and the cell divides. The cells divide, and divide again, many times. The mass of cells embeds itself into the mothers uterine wall. She is pregnant. You can play semantics if you want. You can even call it a...
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    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    I guess your right. But it would also stand to reason that those who embrace abortion do so because of selfishness, lack of responsibility, and disregard for human life. They just don't say so. Life does begin at conception! That's simple biology. The question is whether the life has value. I...
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    Are you a Lefty, Moderate or Righty?

    I can't believe you honestly think that's a viable solution. Do you suggest we also execute the Jewish(or any nationality) student who's overstayed his visa? It's the same thing isn't it? Jews haven't been 'chased out' or 'hunted down' for 50 years now. And if you look at the history of it...