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    apache http server

    ok then i don't know whats up but ever day my apache http server goes down at least 5 or 6 times. now im not sure if this is happening to everyone but could someone have a look for me
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    Nothing Working Atall

    if i try and go to my site all it says is "website not found" i can still logon to my acount panel but if i try and go to Cpanel, or my web adress i get nothing, FTP doesn't work so my site is useless, i can't do anything or access it, im on the absolu server...
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    SQL needed information

    ok i am trying to put a rogram on my mysql server and it asks for the following information: SQL username: SQL password: Database host: Database name: Database port: i know all the information except the "Database port", could anyone tell em how to find this information out please...
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    ok, im putting some things on my website but they need 'eAccelerator' to run, does anyone know how to install eAccelerator on your x10 account can anyone tell me how to install it?? or if it is even possible to install it??
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    i loogged in but got an error message

    i logged in but i got this account error An Error Has OccurredWhoops, an error occurred retrieving your account's data from our system. Please try your request again in a few moments. can someone sort this out for me. i have already got my user and my forum username linked :cool:
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    ok im a noob to this lol my names jamie i like basketball and rugby and lol the most important thing is im that much of a noob i dont nkow how to add stuff to the site lol if anyone can help me please email me at: :biggthump