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    How to Unsuspend an Account ?

    Spport fail XP
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    Please unsuspended my site ASAP

    Fair enough but even if this is the case, you should give him a chance to delete it at least! You won't even let him do that. This is quite possible the worst policy ever created.
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    Please unsuspended my site ASAP

    How is that even SLIGHTLY fair? You put scripts on the site and then you ban them for it? SHAME! Double shame if you delete this post.
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    Please review my site!

    I would be interested. Please email me (
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    Please review my site!

    LOL yeah, I should be going to sleep. Thanks for your help though! PS - I'll give 20 creds to anyone who joins my forums and makes a post
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    Pro Game Site Urgent Review Needed

    Wow very good!
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    Just change the logo, cause everything else is great.
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    Please review my site!

    Holy cow, Soki, that was quick! Thanks for the reply! I am indeed working on the content and adding more. I did do it all myself. I wouldn't say I'm "good" at programming, I just have a big passion for it. And your suggestion is a good one, I'll work on that soon...
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    20 Credits to Vote!

    I voted B
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    Please review my site!

    I just completely remade my whole website from scratch. Wat do you think? Anything screwed up?
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    More Updates!

    Veeery good, much better than before.
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    World's Worst Web Designs

    These are fine! Nothing wrong with them. OUCH! Now these are bad! I'm gonna add one more to the list: BAAAD
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    adfree lotus is down

    Dammit! Why?
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban alexandgruntz because he uses Avast! antivirus
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    No, cause I don't have a significant :'( For a million dollars, would you fail English class with a 32% overall? Cause I just did! :'( I should be killing my self by now...