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    Ads now?

    Ok, I remember the text ad and stuff. Then it moved to no ads. Now back to ads? Am I right??? Ah, I am confused.
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    New sig, c&c please.

    Alright , here it is please, C&C!
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    Help Me With My Ipb

    Ok, when I go to view a topic, it adds this to the end of the url "= getnewpost" and once i delete that out of the url bar it will load the topic. Example: "" And I cant seem to get it to not show up. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Aim-...
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    ADs on 2 pages?

    Ok, I have 2 questions. 1- Do I use a text ad for the advanced plan? And 2 is if I have a home page, and a forum. Do i have to put an ad on both? Or can I just have it on the forum?
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    Zero's gfx(bl33dsnom0r3)

    Ok, I am trying to get my name changed too zero. so yea, lol. I made this so I wouldent have to keep posting new topics about new sigs. When this gets too 15 posts could an admin/mod sticky this? Thanks. 1) 2) 3) C&C PLEASE!
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    New angel sig!

    Tell me what ya think.
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    Not found?

    Whenever I try to go to my site, it comes up as not found.
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    GFX Battles

    Maybe have a section for gfx battles. So people can challange others to battles where other members of the forum can vote on the best graphic. And maybe some gfx/other contests where members can win points or somthing.
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    Hey, my name is Keith. Just out looking for some hosting after my host shut down yesterday. I am only 15, but I actually want to become a web designer. hi...yea...
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    New sig.

    Alright, idk how this turned out actually, there are a lot of things nedded to be fixed, like the text. Well, here it is.