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  • Brandon,

    I can log in to my account, but then I get:

    "In order to use the Ad-Enhanced hosting account management panel, you must have your forum account linked to your hosting account.
    Please enter your cPanel username below, you will receive an E-mail with further instructions. Be sure to have the same E-mail address registered with your cPanel account that your forum account has!"

    After entering my account user name, I get this message: "An Error Has Occurred. The hosting username you specified does not exist."

    Any ideas?
    Hey Brandon. I'm bored. Nothing to do.
    hey, takuhii, this isn't the support forum!
    Hey, since corey is busy, just wanted to ask, Where are the x10 servers?
    Hey, you any good with cPanel and WHM?
    I started my own server for this, but clueless on SOME parts of WHM... like packages (the features part).. think u can help me?

    If you can, pm me.. so we can discuss this... thanks :)
    Please fix the DNS error on Stoli. Thanks

    This is the error message that I get when I try and view my website. the address for my website is

    Please could your try and tell me what the problem is and how to sort it out or could you try and sort it out.


    Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111).
    dude my account has the php thing still pending acn you please look and upgrade me please my account name is double12
    Sorry to contact you un-announced, but I really need some help, I am on an ad-enhanced package, through Free-Hosting, but I am unable to reply to peoples posts in the free-hosting forums. Do I need to do something to be able to post in the forums??
    Yeh but no1 reads it and its to do with X10hosting because it's their official radio. Put it somewhere where it can be seen and people will read or have an admin shout about it so then they know to read it!
    Can't you stick an annoucement up or something? I really want 100 listeners!! and the only real way to get that is advertising it. Viggie put a calander date down
    Thats what it says! 100 users and chris recons it will so heck, LETS GET 100 LISTENERS! *asks Brandon to post it in the announcements*
    I'm trying to get 100 listeners on X10radio. Can you help me? lol.... post it all over somewhere or something? I got like 6 listeners at the moment. Trying to get more. I invited all my friends.
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