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    Resolved More of an inquiry

    If free hosting does not generally allow shell command execution, then I doubt such a feature would be permitted...
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    Password not encrypted in SSO source code

    This was not the first time it was noticed. If I recall correctly from their past explanation, the passwords are hashed but the credentials from the POST request are stored in the session. It would be 'printed' onto the page with the intention to submit those details to the control panel which...
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    General Error

    This is likely because your PHP version has changed to PHP 7 or above, which removes support for ext/mysql (mysql_* extension). The software you use would either need to use MySQLi or PDO, if you are unable to change the PHP version to PHP 5 (the very last PHP 5 version has been end-of-life...
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    One of my files get trashed

    As mentioned in the terms of service, individual files that are over 10MB are automatically removed.
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    Using curl Command for Account Login

    As long as you're able to figure out how it works, there will be a way. But really, there's a reason why they want users to log in manually. Also, you wouldn't want to risk getting in trouble, even if you hide the automation well enough. That said, wouldn't advise doing so.
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    X10Hosting does not allow external incoming and outgoing MySQL connections.
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    Extortion email

    It's a typical sort of email that many have received since.. a few months back? Don't worry about it.
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    POST request size limit?

    One of the rules used is to block keywords to do with drugs, as there would typically be spam regarding that. Yes, in this case, there is no mention of such things. However, it does sound as if there is a rule in place looking for the words you had pointed out. When it does 403, your main page...
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    POST request size limit?

    mod_security2 is in place, so there may be a rule that is preventing such words (spam-related)
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    My website is showing not secure

    Since I am using one of the older free hosting servers, X10 has not added in an option to use the more modern theme. So this may look very different in your case. In any case, this is what I see.
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    phpMyAdmin hangs

    That will not work, as it is set up so that you cannot remotely authenticate to the MySQL server.
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    cPanel > Select PHP version Change the version to 7.1 or what Opencart recommends for that version.
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    My website is showing not secure

    In cPanel, there should be a Cloudflare option. You can get flexible "Universal SSL" from there.
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    Creating PHP script for form data

    The hostname to be used in regards to MySQL is 'localhost'.
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    I'm back / Question

    cPanel > Select PHP version (set the version to PHP 7.1 [or newer, if available])