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    Collecting Information Using XMLReader in PHP

    Well it happened just like Mission said. My account was suspended for overusage. However I'm confused. I followed his advice. Here is my code. It seemed to work, so what did I do wrong? if(is_readable("towndata.xml")) { $ch2 =...
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    Collecting Information Using XMLReader in PHP

    Mission, More good advice. Thanks. Below is a post I submitted on a different forum. It is there that they told me the file I was using was too big for SimpleXML: Just FYI, I have a working tool (bare bones) right now at
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    Collecting Information Using XMLReader in PHP

    I actually discovered the problem last night. I had assumed every town had alliance tags. I tried SimpleXML first. It can't handle the large file. I was directed to XMLReader after that failure. Thanks lots for the advice on cacheing the data file. I'm not confident the page will be used...
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    America should have annexed the entire New World

    I tend to agree with this. Obviously lots of people are upset with the US and would scoff at this idea, but think about it. Essentially if the US had annexed the entire world, it would not be the US we know today. It would be a democratic government that now everyone would have a say in...
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    Collecting Information Using XMLReader in PHP

    In a browser game I play, the developers have allowed access to a XML file containing town data. I am trying to create a script to basically search and compile that data in various formats that will benefit players. It's been a pain in the butt, but I finally got it to print out town names and...
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    How do I find that? I'm not seeing any account panel. If it's in the Cpanel, I still can't get to that.
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    Wasn't sure where to put this, but the announcement of Boru, is that why I can't get to my webpage or even bring up CPanel? I could this morning then I haven't been able to all day.
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    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    Illyriad is a fairly new pbbg. It is a fantasy genre strategy game and very well balanced. I'm finding that I enjoy it more than most pbbg games I've played. I'd appreciate that if you wish to play, that you use the link below as I will get free prestige points if your build a town to over...
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    Importing MySQL Question

    Thanks Twinkie, I think that is exactly what I needed.
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    Importing MySQL Question

    Is it possible to import an excel spreadsheet into a MySQL database? If so could someone point me in the right direction? If not, what is the quickest and easiest way to import a large amount of data into MySQL?
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    New site help

    I've actually been here a few months, but other then logging on to keep my account in good standing, I haven't been around. In the time that I've been absent, the site has changed quite a bit and I'm lost. I can't find a help page or and FAQ. I'd appreciate if someone could give me a link or...
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    game: kill the above user

    I kill alexandgruntz by sinking New Zealand
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban botbg for no good reason.
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    Guess Who Posts Next

    wrong. I guess someone who has posted in this forum once already.
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    Forum Game <Wish>

    Granted, but it feels like the worst day of your life (as long as that wasn't a Monday). I wish the weekend would last longer.