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    My art blog

    I have a wordpress account that I try to keep updated with my latest projects... You should all go check it out and leave me comments! :D
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    Dark Meldoy Designs

    @leafypiggy thanks for that advice, I didn't notice the horizontal scroll bar at all. I think I fixed that problem though. @cybrax thanks for the links, I am better with the design than the coding at the moment. Also, I am a year or so behind on the the coding world. @funhouse0772 I agree with...
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    Dark Meldoy Designs

    I had an old layout from before, I liked it a lot, but I wanted to change things up a bit. I wanted to get a cleaner and more professional look. I stuck with my previous color theme, as it seems to work with me. All I have done as of right now is the home page, with all dead links. Just wanted...
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    Awesome, and that is good for taking it with your phone!
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    Social Networking Website - Still under development

    As far as coding... amazing! As far as design.... as everyone before me said.. way to much like facebook. It immediately took away from the first impression. Use your own colors, use your imagination and make it YOUR own. As far as who it works.. I didn't try that out. 8) Good Job though on this!
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    Help once again..

    I searched the threads to look for domain changes, and I noticed I am not the only one. I am not sure if we have to wit until we are able to do it on our own, or if you guys have to do it for us for now. I would like to have my previous domain name changed to...
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    hey hey, its been forever I know... just wanted to say Hi!:)

    hey hey, its been forever I know... just wanted to say Hi!:)
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    Cannot log-in to my C-panel.. still.

    I know there has been trouble with the accounts with the moving, but I am still not able to log into my c-panel. Also I was trying to change my main domain, and every time I try to send the request it has been denied.. I have tried different times of day over the past two weeks. I would like to...
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    A little irate @ myself

    As far as design goes, I love the layout and colors. Nice!
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    My Personal Website

    V- Thanks for that idea, I like it, I'll prob try it out and see how it looks, my only worry would be it being to busy, but I am sure transparency will help out in the respect.
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    My Personal Website

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Please critique my website

    The site is unavailable.
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    High Quality Image Search Engine

    As far as design goes, I like it overall. It is nice and clean, and simple.
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    My Personal Website

    Thanks for the advice, I have always thought my footer image didn't go, but couldn't think of anything else to put on it. Yes, most of my designing abilities are all self-taught. Thanks again!
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    My Personal Website

    I love it, I think though that maybe your image on the top, should be a whole banner that spans the whole top of the page