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    new2 index template

    I prefer index2. At the bottom of the page it looks uncluttered as compared to index. At the top, you don't have the "welcome" greeting in index2. Thus my eyes are not distracted from your opening graphics and I'm patient to watch them load. As an aside, I don't have any troubles with your...
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    Rewiew This A web designing company

    I agree the design looks good. You need to correct your spelling errors and sentence structure. I wouldn't even consider doing business with someone who can't spell the word.
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    Hello from me

    Hi there. I built our original local union website over 5 years ago and then someone with more computing skills took over from me. It looks like its going to fall back into my lap again and so I'm here to brush up and learn some new skills. I was able to put up a "practice site" fairly...