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    Site down again

    Ok, this is the second day in a row that my site has gone down. Does anyone know why?
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    Site not loading

    I woke up this morning and it seems a server is down or something. My site is not loading and my email is not working, does anyone know why? Edit: Ok, back up and running!!
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    I just wanted to say thanks for getting my account back up and running.

    I just wanted to say thanks for getting my account back up and running.
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    Site down

    Are there any known problems on the servers? My site is down.
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    How about some forums for things like music, sports, jobs, etc.? I think that would be a nice addition to the board.
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    Hosting MP3s

    Ok, I realize there are other threads about hosting MP3s, however my situation is different than the ones I came across. I run a band management company and am wanting to know if I would be allowed to host MP3s of the bands we represent, with their permission of course.
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    Free mailing list provider

    Ok, I am needing ideas on the best free mailing list provider. I want to find something that does not have ads and is really easy to use. I need something that I can put a signup box on my site, my myspace profile, and everywhere else possible. I also want to be able to manually add users. So...
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    Why do you like X10 hosting?

    Ok, I am brand new here and would like others' thoughts on why they like X10 hosting.
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    My name is Mike and I run a band management company. We currently live in East Tennessee. We have 3 kids an a 3/4 black lab dog. Ok, now for a complete newbie question, how do I earn credits??
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    Fantastico problem

    When I try to access Fantastico I get the following: Fantastico is unable to connect to your MySQL server at this time. Please contact your host for assistance.
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    logo help

    Ok, I am needing a little bit of logo help. I have a logo I like, but need some help with part of it. The font I use for my logo is called Astonished. I am wanting the cross in the background to be different. I have examples below of the crosses I like. If the cross was to be tilted, I would...