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    Changes to ad-free \ ad-enhanced

    Really sweet, I'm very delighted by this upgrade. My site works fine, but today I noticed I can no longer make FTP connection with the same settings I set in Dreamweaver. I think I'm on the Lotus server. I wonder if the move affect this? Thanks.
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    PHP: Sort items at command?

    Hi! I want to try something new with this table. By default it's sorted by ID descending. The command: $query = "SELECT ID, FeaturedCharacter, Rank, Average, TotalVotes, FivePoints, FourPoints, ThreePoints, TwoPoints, OnePoints, DateUpdated, Poll FROM TsundereOrNot ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT...
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    PHP paging help

    Ah so that was it. Thank you so much!!!
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    PHP paging help

    I always use include('connect.php'); (separated in another file) to connect, so it'd be easier to change if I'm using other databases. This is the file and that should be all the codes necessary~ <?php //Set Up database Info $db_host = 'localhost'; $db_database = 'mydatabase'...
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    PHP paging help

    Yup, tried that and it won't echo.
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    Blogger or Wordpress ?

    I haven't seen people who use Blogger for anything. I guess Wordpress is more multipurpose and popular.
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    PHP paging help

    Hello, Currently I have a table with over 50 entries and I'm trying to apply "Next" and "Previous" links for it using this tutorial: So far the Next and Previous links are working but I can't figure out how to echo from my database...
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the community!
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    Update Form not submitting

    Okay it didn't seem to report back an error with error_reporting(E_ALL). Now I decided to throw the dropdown menu altogether for debugging test and use simple input text for the rank, yet the form is still not submitting. :happysad: <label for="rank">Character Rank:</label> <input...
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    Update Form not submitting

    Still not updating unfortunately. :(
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    Update Form not submitting

    Hi, For my character data table, I'm making an update form in a page for users to update. It appears when I submit the info, it didn't change anything in my mysql database. I went over this several times but couldn't find the cause and it's probably something minor... This is the php before...
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    Hi x10 community! Initially, I signed up here only for the main site but after lurking here for a while, I see this place have much to offer. I'll try to get more involved in the future. :D
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    [REQ][20+ credits]Post on my forum

    Registered under the username: chibs