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    Best Site for Free Menus

    Check this guy's site out. The code and graphics for professional-looking drop-down and pop-up menus are all free. (Some talented people are just overly-generous that way!)
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    Making Web2.0 Text and Buttons

    Two good free programs that helped me do this: InkScape: Paint.Net: Here's a link to an article showing how to make a Web2.0 mirrored text graphic...
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    Help Making Web 2.0 Graphics

    Anyone know any good websites for help on making Web 2.0 graphics?
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    Excellent Free CHM to HTML Conversion Program

    I'm pretty impressed at how well this software works. Hard to believe it's free!
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    Sothink DHTML Menu Program

    I'm impressed by the professional look of the menus it makes, but the trial software only allows three links to be added to menu commands before you have to buy the full version. Does anyone know of any free or open source programs that...
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    What's your favorite browser?

    I've been using IE for years, but have recently checked out Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. I'm impressed with Opera and am thinking of making it my default browser.
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    Great Site for Making Web Buttons

    You can make Windows Vista like buttons for your website and then download them to your PC. I especially like the mirror and mouse over effects. Best of all, it's free! Check it out:
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    Great Site for Learning HTML, et. al The thing i like about this site is that it gives you working examples to demonstrate what the HTML code does and to show you the results of modifying the code. You can change the code any way you want and then view the effects immediately. When...
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    A Flash-making program

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    Windows XP SP3

    Anyone experiencing any glitches after installing SP3? (Just curious.)
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    Best Free FTP

    Which one do you like best and why? :dunno: